How to dog-proof your fence?

Dogs have a way of finding all the weak spots in your home’s fence. Some dogs can be stopped just by building a fence high enough to keep them from leaping over it. Some others, however, see the fence as a challenge to their intellect, and try to find ways over, under or around it just for fun. For those dogs, a iron fence contractor has to be hired. There are few things you can do yourself before calling a fencing company.

Make your fence dog proofedInspect the fence for weaknesses and openings. First you have to find out how your dog is breaching the fence. If the dog jumps over the fence, then you may need to make the fence higher. In the case of your dog digging under the fence, you will have to consolidate the bottom part of your fence. A fence contractor can help you in both situations, but it is better to understand first about your dog’s habits.

In case you find that the chain link fence is being pushed away, at a specific location, take action to repair the damage. Also patch any holes if you have a wooden fence. A fencing may be needed for these operations. JV Iron Works is active in Harrisburg, PA up to 50 miles radius and they have big experience in such matters.

Another way to prevent your dog from jumping the fence is to check for any thing that may be helping him in the process. Chairs, tables, or doghouses are just a few objects that a dog may use to boost his jump. Remove them.

If none of these suggestions helps, then you can purchase an invisible dog fence. It is pretty common and can be found in almost every home improvement store. If you are against using such methods on your dog, then the best thing to do is hire a fence contractor.

For over than 15 years, JV Iron Works has gained a lot of experience in building or repairing fences. Whether you have a wooden fence or a chain link fence, they can fix it for you fast and professionally.

Call them now at (432) 558-8898 to get the best fencing services in Harrisburg, PA.

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